Describe a risk you took that you do not regret.

I took the risk of giving up the world for God

by walking away from Satan’s unhealthy fast-food restaurant with the intention of never willingly dining with that ole serpent again.

I accepted the Invitation (Luke 14:12-24) to sit and feast at the table of “God’s Healthy Organic Love Prepared Never Ending Feast” Restaurant.

Matthew 4:19 Jesus said to them. “Follow Me. I will make you fisher of men!”

I began eating and digesting the right foods to become a healthy Christian.

Matthew 11:28 “Come to Me, all of you who work and have heavy loads. I will give you rest. Follow My teachings and learn from Me. I am gentle and do not have pride. You will have rest for your souls.”

I do not regret my transition to a better life, and I encourage all to visit God’s Healthy Organic Restaurant.


I hope to see you at the Family Dinner! 😁💕🙏🏾

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