My favorite holiday

What is your favorite holiday? Why is it your favorite?

My favorite holiday is Christmas.

Even though I’d rather have warm hot weather, the festive atmosphere of December, Christmas decorations, movies, and music; fills me with energy, excitement, and joy. I know December is no different than the other 11 months, but an electrical buzz fills the atmosphere, which does not happen in any other month for me. What about you?

Photos courtesy of the Internet / Christmas designers and Sonoma index-Tribune.


Georgia native, mother, grandmother and a Graduate of Santa Fe College in Gainesville,Florida. I’ve been married for 31yrs. to my hilariously loving husband. We worship at Gainesville Church of Christ (1001 28th Ave. 32609) in Gainesville Florida.

4 thoughts on “My favorite holiday

  1. Good morning, Pat. As a child Christmas was my favorite holiday. However, I no longer celebrate holidays since the scriptures do not authorize these days. They were created by man for capitalization on making money/profits. As I study more about the church from first century church to now, I am diligently striving to stay within the spiritual assignment from the Scriptures. I have found myself doing too many things in the name of the Lord but are scriptural. I do not want to lose the biblical focus as a member of the Lord’s Body. This is my personal reflection. Have a great day.

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