30 Days of thanks 8

Thankful for time

Time waits for no man because it is a part of the master plan.

Do not put off for tomorrow what you should do today.

My heart is sad today because my Great uncle has stopped eating and drinking. His faith is in the hands of the Lord.

When younger, I spent some hilarious days with my Uncle John. He is a small man in stature, but he lived as a giant in my eyes.

Unfortunately, as years and life diminished our visits, I never forgot my great Uncle John. Whenever I visited my home town I would look him up longing for his wit to make me laugh.

As years passed, life went on and I did not seek Unc’s humor when visiting as I once did.

Time passed, my children became grown-ups and two of my daughters move back to my home town.

My number 4 Carla started working at the local nursing home where Unc was living now as a resident when Carla meet him for the first time. There was an immediate bond formed between the two after she told Him who her mother was.

I was so surprised and so thankful one of my daughters finally got a chance to meet Uncle John

Carla would call me and tell me all sorts of hilarious conversations they would have, which reminded me of him and me when I was younger than she.

My daughter has since left the facility and state to go back to college, but she keeps check on Uncle John until this day when she got the call.

As I spoke with her earlier I was able to talk to and see him by video as he held her hand and would not let go.

I am praying we all do as my Uncle John is doing with Carla and hold on to God’s strong hand and never let go.

Do not let time pass you by!


Georgia native, mother, grandmother and a Graduate of Santa Fe College in Gainesville,Florida. I’ve been married for 31yrs. to my hilariously loving husband. We worship at Gainesville Church of Christ (1001 28th Ave. 32609) in Gainesville Florida.

6 thoughts on “30 Days of thanks 8

  1. Amen, sis! Time waits for no man…cease the time and stop procrastinating. I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day, the night cometh, when no man can work. John 9:4

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