30 Says of thanks 7


Feeling overwhelmed, walls are closing in, eyesight getting weaker, patience, patience, patience are nowhere around..help!

Children no longer listen, friends have abandoned you, loved ones avoid you..help!

Illness is slithering in, hope no longer springs eternal and joy has stopped coming in the morning..help!

Days are depressing, nights are lonely, sleep is hiding and can not be found..help!

Depression is sympathetic, seclusion is waving, loneliness is immediate..help!

Wait..someone is there..who can it be beckoning to come closer?

Frozen, scared, shaking, heart rate running wild and nerves are on end..HELP!

Who are you? Nothing..outstretched hand to come closer.

Queasy, frightened, confused….darkness closing in..HELP ME, LORD!

Glorious sounds forming words.

“I have waited so long for you to call me my child.”

“I moved obstacles off your path, so there would be less distractions on your journey.”

“I allowed your kids to grow up and make their own decisions because they have to walk their own paths.”

“I allowed your eyesight to decrease because there are some things you need not see and meditate on and…

“Your health is withering because I have permitted you to live long enough to come back and call upon me for help.”

I am thankful for so much including my obstacles which have made me stronger and a better person. I am thankful for my sister bloggers who have taken me under their fingertips.

Most of all, I am thankful the Lord is my saving grace and my help in the time of storms…AMEN!


Georgia native, mother, grandmother and a Graduate of Santa Fe College in Gainesville,Florida. I’ve been married for 31yrs. to my hilariously loving husband. We worship at Gainesville Church of Christ (1001 28th Ave. 32609) in Gainesville Florida.

3 thoughts on “30 Says of thanks 7

  1. Help is what I needed, it seems like I was the inspiration without you even knowing it! It allowed me to see the positive in my journey instead of focusing on the obstacles as a negative, I now see them as God pushing me in the right direction, to keep me from detouring.

    Everytime I see myself slipping back into depression, something is thrown my way to distract me and keep me going, EVERYTIME!

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